iT Training Services


Software Coaching

*** NOTE: Only clients that have completed a consultation can book a service ***

From £35.00ph

For new or even the most experienced trainer or IT literate individual, Up-skilling can be difficult.  Sometimes it would be nice to bounce questions, ideas off of somebody who can help you understand or learn new applications and methods. 

Session are one to one and run at a time and location that suits you, whether it's at our offices, your home, the local library or on Zoom.

Office One 2 Ones

Rhonda an English Teacher and IT Trainer needed to know the best way to manage her Google Drive folders and Google Classroom. 

What is an effective way to layout and access her Scheme of Works and create some stimulating resources?

All questions were answered during her Software Coaching sessions at the iTeabar.

Zoom One 2 Ones

Christine a Fitness Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner was struggling with Google Forms? What is the most effective way to gather data from her clients? How do speed up the form making process? 

How to use Padlet to provide her clients with access to learning resources while away from the sessions.

All questions were answered during her Software Coaching sessions at the iTeabar.

So contact us to arrange a FREE Consultation up to 30min to discuss the type of support you require.

iT Therapy Consultation

From £7.00ph

Have you got an iT issue? Are you unsure how to approach an iT project. Are you on an iT course and need some extra tuition? Is your computer simply getting the better of you? Are you considering throwing you PC out of the window? 

If the answer is yes to any of the above or similar. Just make yourself a cup of tea and let's talk it through, and navigate around all of the jargon.

Like most solutions to to iT problems, they're easy when you know how. Well, we will guide you to the solution and give you the tools, resources and know-how to help you resolve them. 

A Little Podcast Advice

Barrister and Author J A Lovelock wanted some advice and guidance for her Podcasts. Recording and presentation options, music, website and social media platforms. Useful resources and tutorials.

As well a bespoke advice Ms Lovelock was given a personalised webpage to access and watch and download video highlights of previous sessions along with handouts and video tutorials.

All questions were answered during her iT Therapy sessions at the iTeabar.

Finally... I get it!!

It's Has Stayed in My Head!

Hiroko felt she needed some extra tuition to keep up in her online classes. Easy fun, client paced recap, practice and repeat. Bespoke micro sessions targeting weak areas of understanding.

Personalised webpage to access and watch video highlights of previous sessions along with handouts and video tutorials.


Finally, as Hiroko puts it "It's staying in my head". 

All questions were answered during her iT Therapy sessions at the iTeabar.


50+ Friendly Tech Experiences

From £7.00ph

Who says tech can't be fun and interesting. Take part in our Tech and Social Media Experiences. We believe that one of the best ways to learn how to use technology is to get truly involved with it. Allow it to become part of a hobby or interest.


Tame your mobile smart device, let's go on a smart device photography field-trip. Or how about we ride an electric bike, why not? you might be surprised about the benefits...(see below). Ok lets fly a drone! a what! I hear you ask... well that is exactly why... you don't know so join us and find out what your missing. Or get equipped and trained to join the online Zoom trend. Why should you miss out on all the fun and interesting online meetings on the internet these days? 


The groups we have on these events are deliberately small so you can easily get involved and socialising with other participants is much more comfortable.  

We will provide all the equipment all you have to bring is a smile, a little enthusiasm, your curiosity and an open mind.

Smart Device Photography for Beginners

Max group size - 8

Got a "Smart Device" and want to know how to take some beautiful photos?

This course is an introduction designed to help you understand how to begin taking photos with a Smart Device (Smartphone or Tablet). How to navigate some of the many camera features and settingslearn simple yet effective methods to improve your photo taking.


Also you will learn how to backup photos, edit and present them using other software.

So join us and get some new knowledge, fresh air, exercise and meet a bunch of great people. 

*NOTE: For the sake of continuity and effective group learning we provide the Smart devices for the course. They will be the primary device to use while learning. The tutor will refer to your own device at appropriate times and at his or her discretion. If you prefer you can book a One to One Smart device Training Session for guidance on your own specific phone or tablet PC.

Zoom Participant Introduction for Beginners

Max group size - 6

Ok, you can join a Zoom meeting but that's about it. You're scared to click on anything just in case you shut the whole meeting down. You don't know what this does or what that does and you certainly don't know how some people have a beach or tropical forest in their background!

Learn how to use all the icons and features in Zoom. Share your screen, use a virtual background. Learn how to Play and online game with family and friends. Generally increase your confidence, socialise with others and get out while you're in.

*NOTE: You must be using a WINDOWS PC to join these classes.

Drone Club

First flight expression

Max group size - 6

Why Drones!? Well first and foremost... they are fun. That's Christine up there with Basil, not the tall chap in the hat but the DJi Mavic Mini Drone hovering a few feet in front of her. Basil is easy to fly, stimulates hand-eye coordination and can help reduce technophobia simply by being able to control him.


Basil is a technological marvel, full of Hi Tech Alchemy and Wizardry that will make your head spin. Luckily we only focus on the experience. Flying a drone is like being in a petting zoo. It's calming and exciting all at the same time taking your mind off of home, work or ailments and wraps you up in curiosity and satisfaction.

The expression on Christine's face is priceless but most importantly tells you all you need to know about her Drone Club experience.

Electric Bikercise

Er... excuse me...Electric Bikerwhat!!?

Max group size - 6

That's right... Electric Bikercise...

Click here to watch the video or read on...

The iTeabar believes that fitness should be fun, a social event and include tech. Especially unfamiliar tech.


Electric bikes are still pretty unfamiliar to many people, and likewise there are many "very" misconceptions such as... Very expensive, batteries don't last very long or they make you very lazy... well none of these are actually correct especially the last one. You can get a descent workout on an electric bike but without coughing up a lung! Ride in a lower gear use less electrical assistance and you will have a fun routine

You provide the interest and we provide the bikes... small group, big fun.

Now... watch the video if you haven't already.


Zoom Event Management

From £35.00 per hour

Do you find hosting your Zoom meetings a chore, are you still unfamiliar with all the many features that would help make your Zoom event more... well eventful!?

We will help you prepare and present your Zoom meeting. We can even Co-Host. Think of us as a Zoom Producer or Chaperone taking care of the essential but distracting features in Zoom while you present your content. We will control the sharing and pinning and chatting and breakout rooms, the renaming and re-admitting and captioning and on and on and etc etc...


Leaving you to do what you do best. Present and try out new things.